Double Glazing Window Options

Double Glazing FeaturesDouble glazed windows constitute unique features that make them quite different from single glazed ones. Of course, when the term “double glazed” is mentioned, it becomes evident that this is referring to a window formed by the combination of two glasses as differs from one constituting one glass along – single glazed window.

Because of their features and components, double glazed windows are better choices for fenestration than single glazed windows. They offer a number of benefits that make them the better option for fenestration and that is why many homes are now using them in their window designs and installations.

Double glazed windows do not only constitute double panes of windows. The windows are combined to one another and a gap is formed in between them. Normally, the gap should be filled with normal air but in the case of double glazed windows, the gap is filled with dehydrated air. Dehydrated air is air in which water vapour is removed.

The reason for removing water vapour from the air is because of the conductive ability of water vapour. Water vapour is a good conductor of heat and therefore to achieve insulation as obvious in double glazed windows, the air has to be rid of water vapour.

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Double Glazing Features
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