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Sash windows are still relatively common today. Many homeowners prefer wood sash windows because they give the contemporary look. They are ideal for interior decoration and also provide a matching design for those who look to have wooden furniture in the house.

But you won’t necessarily find the rough cost as little as some of the available cheap installations for upvc sash windows.

Wooden sash windows can also cut down on your electricity bills because wood is an insulator of heat. They can reduce heat loss to the surroundings easily. If you wish to find good quality sash windows, just do a simple search online.

We are certain that there is something that fits your budget. In any case, there are plenty of designs that you can choose from, and some of them can be really fashionable.

Coloured UPVC Windows Prices and Designs

The advantages of modern uPVC windows are that not only are they cost effective, you can also get them in a range of around 20 colours with options for wood grain effect surface finishes.

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Cost of Replacing uPVC Windows