Replacement Windows & Doors Website Price Guide Review

After making the decision to investigate whether its time to replace the windows & doors on your house, one of the first things you will probably want to do is find out how much it’s going to cost to get the work done & that means looking for a cost guide, well here is a Price Guide Review of the site features of

Appearance & Layout

Buying Double Glazed Windows OnlineAt first sight the impression is one of being “clean” and uncluttered. Based on a box type grid layout, the home page has sufficient information to quickly identify the main purpose of the website without overdoing it in terms of spurious content.

The primary message (in bold type) is that you find the window or door style that you prefer and they connect you with appropriate installers or manufactures that can supply prices & quotes for the cost of fully fitting the products.

Each main window style has a picture so you can have a general idea of what each on looks like and that image links to an information page relevant to that design – easy to navigate, one click takes you to the page you want.

Once you are transported to the product page, you can see more specific information about the design in question, and again the website has not gone mad with huge amounts of writing that is difficult to understand, the content is brief & to the point giving a description of the product, guide images, a short list of product features and a direct link to a short quote enquiry form.

At 9 main pages, the site is very small, but what else do you need if you are looking for prices?  Navigation is not difficult, with a few menus  at the top, side & bottom of the site (useful on mobile viewing) or you can use the sitemap.

Comparing Double Glazed Windows & Doors Prices

The format used in order for visitors to get quotations is not complex, there is a page specifically set up to cater for quote requests. In this case, all you have to do is put some basic details on a short form, which, IMHO, does not ask to many intrusive questions (you can even withhold your email address if you want) and takes a very short tie to complete because it’s just a case of letting them know:

  1. who you are
  2. how to get in touch with you
  3. where is the property
  4. what type of quote do you want?

Once you submit the form you can expect to be contacted by 2 or 3 independent certified installers offering quotes – in our test it was within a short while.

In summary, this price comparison website delivers exactly what it offers – enough information to provide you with a good idea of product range and an easy method to get up-to-date prices for your work that does not take much time to do.

Double Glazing Price Guide Review