Orangery Prices 2020: How much does it cost for an orangery?

An Orangery is not the cheap option that you can find with some conservatories, it’s more like having a home extension. Substantial in design and spacious, this living space is certainly something special.

Even though the initial investment is going to be higher than an equivalent sized conservatory, it should still be better value than a regular extension and add just as much resale value as an extension does.

However, building a conservatory is not something you should just jump into without some careful pre-planning and consideration.

Design style

Choose the overall style of your room first. Do you like the classic look, or do you want something more modern. Many orangeries feature brickwork and columns, would you want them bare or covered with some kind of render?

Glazing style is also important. The function of the glazing needs to be considered, even something simple like “do I want all the windows to be able to open” can impact upon pricing.

Roofing for an orangery is usually a signature look. Orangeries feature a flat roof with glazed raised lantern sections. You could go for a single large lantern or a a few smaller ones spaced around the roof.

White UPVC Orangery
A Fully Fitted Orangery


Before you even start work, you need to think about how the workers are going to access the property themselves and how they will bring materials in and out.

As orangeries are usually medium to large sized affairs, you might have to apply for planning permission.

If there are drains, power cables, water or gas mains underground, these could cause problems – you need to have a thorough check beforehand.


Whilst generally quicker to build than a regular home extension, an orangery can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. You might even lose the use of some part of your home during construction.

The noise might disturb your neighbours, so it’s prudent to let them know what you are planning.


Whilst you can build a cheap conservatory for under £10,000, you will need a bigger budget for an orangery. Orangeries can cost from £20,000 upwards, with some bespoke orangeries costing as much as £50,000 or more.

So, get a lot of quotes and take your time to choose your contractor carefully.

How Much Does it Cost For a Fully Fitted Orangery?