Quick Composite Door Guide

Do you know about composite doors? What are they and what makes them so good? Here we have some answers for you.

What is a composite door?

black composite doorComposite Front and Back Doors are made from a “sandwich” of various materials that include GRP, engineered timber, energy efficient rigid foams and UPVC.

The front and back faces or door skins are moulded from Glass Reinforced Plastic, know an GRP. Some may refer to it as fiberglass, but it is used in the construction of motor vehicle fenders, and the hulls of speedboats and yachts.

composite front door with side panelSo the skins are very, very tough. They are also coloured as required, so the GRP is coloured material and not painted – no scratching it off!

Inside the skins, the shape of the door is created from engineered timber frame with an insulating rigid foam contained within the frame.

The timber frame is sandwiched between the inner & outer skins and banded around the edges with UPVC.

The doors are usually them mounted into a hardwood door frame where stainless steel hinges hold the door in position.

Locking is done via 3 or 5 lever mortise locks, with dead bolts & shoot pins fitted in several points around the door.

How Much do Composite Doors Cost?

The cost of a composite door will depend upon the design, size and supplier. Furniture, such as handles letterboxes etc vary by quality and look. However, you can expect to see composite door prices in the region of £900 to £1,200 fitted.

Composite Front and Back Door Guide