How much do fully fitted Bi-fold patio doors cost?

The biggest difference in bi-fold doors prices are seen when comparing prices for ‘double glazed doors fitted’ or ‘supply only’ costs and the simplest reason for that would be the amount you get charged for professional fitting.

It’s not a simple job to fit these types of doors yourself, they will need a decent level of skill to install and for someone who is thinking of tackling the job as their first DIY effort, then they should rapidly think again.

Finding Prices On-line.

Patio DoorsPrices for fully fitted bi-fold patio doors will most likely include not only the work involved but also have to cover workmanship warranties and any after sales service or follow up that is needed and so it’s clear that supply only costs will be the cheapest.

From a quick look at supply only ‘off the page prices’ you may see examples of 3 leaf doors from around £1,200 and Wickes can sell nice wooden doors for under £2,000.

The difficulty in finding accurate fully installed bi-fold patio doors prices are down to the cost of labour.

What is meant by that is any price you do find will be based on some kind of average and the final price of the work could be far different from what you initially thought.

The best way to find out how much it’s going to cost ?

get the job surveyed by a reputable installer.

Cost of Bi-fold Patio Doors