What type of conservatory is best?

That question is not going to be easy to answer, because especially in this case, beauty is in the “eye of the beholder”

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a conservatory to suit your property & taste. Not only do oyu have many different looks, you also have to decide which material to build it from.


Modern conservatoryA very resilient material that is also a good insulator. UPVC conservatories can last about 15 years so it’s reckoned before they start to look  a bit tired and may be in need of a revamp.

You can get upvc in about 12 to 15 colours and it is used in all of the main types of conservatory design.


As a metal, it has good “power to weight ratio”. Meaning it can be formed into longer slimmer lengths than UPVC.  You can expect at least 20 years of good service from modern aluminium frames.

In terms of colours, you can get it painted into almost any colour – with at least 150 shades on offer from most suppliers.

Aluminium tends to be a bit pricier than UPVC.


Using Oak for a conservatory can create a really nice room. Oak, when looked after, can last a lifetime. Typically more expensive than UPVC or Aluminium, Oak conservatories are said to be the best by many.

Our view on materials is that if you want to keep the budget lower, go for UPVC. Aluminium is a very good choice because of the slim frames and contemporary appearance that they bring. Oak is for those who love wood and have a decent budget.

Conservatory design

Two of the most popular conservatories are the Lean-to and the Victorian. Each looks completely different to the other. Lean to conservatories can be very cheap & cheerful or super modern, but Victorian conservatories will always look ornate and decorative.

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Which is the Best Conservatory to Buy?