Tips for Buying Double Glazed Windows Online

A-rated Double Glazed WindowsLooking for Double Glazed Windows? It’s no secret that using the internet to search for anything these days is the fastest way to find things. Going online for information about double glazing can, however, be a bit of a minefield.

So, to give you a bit of help, here are our 5 tips for Buying Double Glazed Windows Online.

1) Be as precise as you can in your search.

if you just type “double glazing” you will get a lot of results. But if you type “UPVC replacement double glazed windows in London”, for example, the results will still be large, but more relevant to London and should exclude timber & aluminium windows.

So look for local results and type exactly what you want.

2) Understand the information you are looking at.

As a good example, you can see prices listed online for replacement windows. These prices are not going to be super accurate, unless you are buying just the product and not installation as well.

Prices may not include fitting, delivery or taxes (VAT for example).

3) Prices are almost universally negotiable.

When it comes to fully fitted double glazed windows, the most flexibility on the price comes from your ability to negotiate and how badly the installer wants the contract.

It’s very unusual for there not to be some flexibility in pricing.

A point to remember, is that with some of the big companies who employ “sales reps” the rep can often start at a price much higher than they can really sell to you at.  Don’t be surprised at the amount they will lower the price if you don’t accept the first few on offer.

4) Work with professionals.

The industry has had a bad name in the past, but these days there is quite a bit more regulation and also codes of conduct to help the consumer.

Trade bodies like the GGF, FENSA, DGCOS & CERTASS all vet their members for competence and track record. Working with a certified contractor can give you a certain peace of mind that they have the skills to do the job.

5) Get written quotes.

Have a survey done by the contractor and get the quote in writing. In that way, both sides know what is being offered and at what price the work will be done.

Get at least 3 or 4 quotes, then take your time to compare each.

Bonus tip

Make sure you know the key features by reading this article What are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

Good luck

Buying Double Glazed Windows Online