Combi Boilers – what about replacement costs?

It’s one thing having your gas boiler go faulty, but it’s another when it comes to choosing it’s replacement. Which type of combi boiler is going to suit you, and, how much is it going to cost?

How Much do Replacement Combi Boilers Fitted Cost?

conbi boilersThere are quite a few things to think about before you head out to buy a new boiler, but a couple of the really important ones for combi’s are:

  • what power do you need
  • what is the flow rate
  • do you just want to replace the boiler, or are there other items needed (such as electrics / plumbing)?

The power rating effects how how much hot water can be generated and the flow rate contrails how fast the water is delivered from the taps. You may also want to consider an alternative if you want the boiler to:

  1. run the central heating as well as the taps.
  2. there is more than 1 bath or shower in the home.

Combi’s are best  used where the hot water demands are not too strenuous.

There will be a lot of difference in the prices between a simple unit replacement and where ancillary work is needed. The best suggestion is to go to, look at your alternatives and get some free quotes.

How Much do Replacement Combi Boilers Fitted Cost?