Improving your Home with Double Glazed UPVC Windows

Double Glazed UPVC WindowsThere are small features built into UPVC replacement windows that are not immediately noticeable, but play a very important part in the overall performance in terms of energy efficiency & saving money on your household heating bills.

Save up to 50% on Double Glazed Windows & average cost 2020

  • draught excluders

these are thin strips built into the edges of the frames & windows, much like brush fibers in a strip, they reduce wind penetration & water ingress.

  • Window beading

these upvc strips are used to clip into the frames and secure the glazed units into the window and should always be on the inside of the window for security reasons.

  • steel reinforcing

very important to make sure the window frames keep their shape over the years as if the frames warp they don’t’ fit tight and will start to let in draughts & water

  • trickle vents

some upvc windows are so air tight they can actually create condensation issues in the home, trickle vents allow controlled air flow and prevent condensation.

Small items, but if you buy double glazed UPVC windows without them being built in, you could be making an expensive blunder.

Double Glazed UPVC Windows