Mediation Fees

We can offer telephone and online mediation sessions, no matter where you are based we have an option to suit your needs.

Amount you are claiming Fees per party Length of Session
£1000 or less £50.00 plus VAT 1 hour
£1000 to £5000 £100.00 plus VAT 2 hour
£5000 to £15,000 £300.00 plus VAT 3 hour
£15,000 to £50,000 £425.00 plus VAT 4 hour
£50,000 and above To be discussed with mediator To be discussed with mediator

Cleared payment required 48 hours prior to appointment.

Any preparation time is included in these fees.

 If your claim value is above £50,000: Fees by agreement with the mediator.

If you would prefer to have a face -to -face session then please do contact us to discuss your needs and we would be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

It should be noted that all incidental expenses such as costs of venue, travel and subsistence would be additional to the above fees.

If both parties in dispute have agreed to mediate and you wish to book an appointment please email admin@small-claims-mediation.co.uk

If you don’t know whether the other party has or will agree to mediate you can ask Small Claims Mediation to send a letter inviting the other party 7 days to enter into mediation with Small Claims Meditation. The fee for this service is just £30 and can be a low cost way to increase the chances of resolution without going to court.

If the other party contacts us in response to that letter agreeing to mediate we can then book your appointment.

Once contact is made there will be further to-ing and fro-ing to set up the appointment, documents sent out and making sure everyone is comfortable with the process.
If both parties have agreed to mediate please email us at admin@small-claims-mediation.co.uk for our BACS details.

Business/Trader informationWhilst mediation fees are generally split equally between parties, the ADR Directive does anticipate that the consumer costs will be free or nominal and therefore we encourage the business to pay the majority of the mediation costs.
Legal Service ProvidersThe Legal Ombudsman does not charge a complainant for its’ service and similarly the ADR directive anticipates that the fees for the consumer will be nominal or free.Generally therefore, a legal provider would be expected to pay the mediation fees in respect of service complaints.

However unlike the Legal Ombudsman there are no case fees just our low cost fee for mediation.

The process is also confidential (no publicity) does not impose a decision upon you (mutual settlement) and is aimed to be resolved in a day once all relevant information has been provided.

We can also deal with a much broader range of issues and not just limited to service complaints.

On the assumption that both the legal service provider and the complainant wish to mediate there will be no administration fee payable by either party.

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